Frequently asked questions

What has happened to The Marketing Manager's Yearbook?
Marketing Spotlight has replaced The Marketing Manager's Yearbook. The last printed edition of The Marketing Manager's Yearbook 2012 was published in February 2012.

Why has my login page changed to Marketing Spotlight?
Your previous login page at marketingmanagersinfo is now at Marketing Spotlight.
Marketing Manager's Yearbook Online subscribers have been automatically changed to Marketing Nation. This new product brings you all the data with extra contacts and improved search functions.

What has happened to Hollis Find a Client?
All the data in Hollis Find a Client has been merged into the data from The Marketing Manager's Yearbook Online to create this unified and improved product with new contacts and extra search functions.

Why have the products been merged into Marketing Spotlight?
Marketing Spotlight brings together all the data from both services allowing us to offer our subscribers a better service with more contacts and better searches in a new improved mobile-friendly subscription service.

Can I still view my saved searches?
We have improved the search functionality on Marketing Spotlight. For instance we have added clearer banding to searches covering turnover and employee size. Due to this new search functionality, searches cannot be directly migrated from

If you have any further questions please email Caroline Kimber on

When I save a search will it keep the data in that search?
A saved search only saves the criteria - for example marketing directors in East London. Due to staff moving on and data updates the data in this search is likely to change over a period of time.

Have my notes from marketingmanagersinfo been transferred into Marketing Nation?
All notes for individual companies have been moved to your new Marketing Spotlight account. However notes for saved searches have not been transferred due to changes in search criteria.

How many major companies are in Marketing Spotlight?
There are over 13,300 major companies in Marketing Nation and all have a Marketing or PR contact.

Which companies are in Marketing Spotlight?
We use employee numbers and turnover to help determine which should be included. Marketing Spotlight features over 13,300 of the largest companies and organisations with a marketing or PR function.

Please let us know if you want a company added.

Can I identify companies in a particular geographic region?
Yes – You can use Marketing Spotlight to filter by geographic region to get a list of companies in your selected region. You can further refine your results by job title, industry sector or number of employees.

Can I filter companies by industry sector?
Yes – Marketing Spotlight enables you to quickly and easily get marketing and PR contact information across 38 diverse industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, motor vehicles, tourism and travel. You can further refine your results by job title, industry sector or number of employees.

How do you research the information in Marketing Spotlight?
We have a dedicated editorial team that researches the data on a daily basis throughout the year. All contacts are positively verified at least once every 12 months. Most data is updated by directly phoning the organisations listed.

How much information changes over the course of a year?
Marketing Spotlight constantly changes - new contacts are added daily, and movers are taken out. Our pro-active telechecking team meticulously checks each company at least once a year.

What are the criteria for entrants in Marketing Spotlight?
All major organisations in Marketing Spotlight are selected on the basis that they have a dedicated marketing or PR function.

Can I email the entrants in Marketing Spotlight?
Marketing Spotlight is a telemarketing and research new business tool. The emails in Marketing Spotlight cannot be emailed unless previously verified by phone call. It is a breach of data to download the contacts into a file to send 'cold' email campaigns. Users wanting to send targeted email or direct mail campaigns to verified contacts can rent our data.View our full terms and conditions.

Can I telephone all contacts in Marketing Spotlight?
Yes apart from contacts that are marked TPS. These contacts are registered with The Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This is a central opt out register whereby individuals can register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS.

I’ve lost my login details what can I do?
Recover your login here. Alternatively please email Emily Martin to ask for your login details.

I cannot find the company I am looking for in Marketing Spotlight?
Please email and we will look into this for you.

How do I get my company listed in Marketing Spotlight?
Please email with your request.

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